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Feel lighter.

Have more energy.

Embrace your gifts in a whole new way.

Wed., May 17 at 3PM ET
Wed., May 24 at 9PM ET


Need an Energetic Reboot?

Feeling stuck or drained?

Experiencing on-going health or vitality issues that have stopped you in your tracks?

Ready to finally let go of issues from your past or unconscious blocks that just keep hanging on?

These high-frequency healing events can quickly set you back on the path to clarity, balance, and abundance--in every area of your life.

Join us at 3PM ET on May 17 or 9PM ET on May 24.

These powerful energy downloads can help you:

  • Access the essence of light within you
  • Enhance your feelings of joy and success
  • Reprogram old thought patterns
  • Release blocks stemming from childhood traumas
  • Rewire unconscious behaviors
  • Eliminate sources of energy drain
  • Free trapped energy
  • Release blocks that may be at the root of health issues

How Miracle Zone Activation Works

You will join a small group of VIP participants via teleconference for these unique high-frequency energy activations.

After creating a powerful meditative environment, Clardy transmits energy to "reboot" your energy frequency and create deep resonance with your true essence. The energy is focused to raise the vibrational frequency for each participant – and for the group as a whole.

Clardy also works to isolate and eliminate deep-seated energetic blocks in each participant. Once released, the energy is available for more productive purposes - including manifesting miracles in career, finances, releationships, health, fitness, etc.

Whether you’re dealing with physical or emotional issues, any blocks that are draining your energy are "fair game" during the process.

Testimonials from Recent Participants:

Clardy has had a profound impact on my life. I have been working with her since last spring in various capacities including the activation calls. I am watching my life unfold in a way I only dreamed about before. I feel light, positive, hopeful, inspired, and my sense of intrigue and curiosity has returned. 
-- Recent Participant

Last night was the most powerful call yet! My hands were super-tingly and I literally felt it as Clardy moved around into the different energy centers. Almost like she was right there, working on me personally. I've always felt the energy on the calls, but my hands were almost PULSING with energy last night.  My intention for this call was the expansion of career and financial opportunities. The next morning, when I turned on my phone, I had a text from a producer who was interested in one of my projects. We have a conference call scheduled for tonight! True story! :)  -- Recent Participant

Clardy's unique method of energy healing is a life-changer. I've experienced it several times in person and over the phone, and each result is astounding. The healing takes place on a spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental level.  It is awe-inspiring. I personally experienced healing with ongoing health and physical issues, emotional issues pertaining to childhood traumas, and general emotional traumas from 49 years of living. Not only did these healings alter my life profoundly, they have also had a powerful effect on my immediate and extended family in very positive ways. If you are ready to let go of your blocks, sign-up for one of her classes, energy healing calls, or live events. It's truly an awesome experience on all levels. I thank God every day for Clardy and the amazing work that she does. -- Recent Participant

I would like to thank you for Wednesday's session. It was wonderful. I feel a freedom and lightness that I haven't felt for years!  Thank you, Clardy. -- Recent Participant

What an interesting experience! I can't wait to do it again. I really connected with two of the blocks that were being released. I had some unexpected tears and a great release. I felt energy press in on my hip/abdomen area, including my hands which were next to my hips.  As I laid with my eyes closed, it felt like I was in a rowboat, gently riding the swells of a wake. Thank you so much! -- Recent Participant 

Claim Your Space Now for This Month's Call

Each Miracle Zone Activation is $97. Take advantage of our Activation Circle 
discount.  As a member of the Activation Circle, you'll be reserving your spot for the next three calls for only $233, a saving of $58 off the regular cost!

Listen as Clients Share Their Experiences:

Praise for Clardy's work:

Clardy Malugen is one of the most gifted energy healers of our time. I have personally worked with her for over a year and issues that I had been struggling with for most of my life are just gone. Every area of my life has improved.  And I’m being told all the time that I am looking younger and younger!  I recently invited her to speak at my Goddess Rising Experience event in Scottsdale AZ and words can’t describe what the participants experienced, and are still experiencing as a result of Clardy’s work. She is a true gift and an angel on this Earth.  --  Christy Whitman, President, Christy Whitman Intl., Montreal, QC
I have sought out medical intuitives and energy healers my entire life, but never did I truly think that I would encounter the “real-deal”.  Clardy Malugen is exactly that. Her work is incredible to witness and a blessing to experience. Clardy is also an incredibly gifted motivator. Her work has recharged my life and transformed the way that I experience everything.  -- Judy Block, TV producer, Orlando, FL
Clardy Malugen is very gifted and very unique.  She is highly connected to a higher power and is a conduit for that energy.  In addition to healing physical issues, which is utterly amazing, her work also seems to move away the emotional blocks that are in the way of individual greatness. My experience with her has brought me HUGE breakthroughs. --Heather Ann Havenwood, President, Double Diamond Media, Austin, Texas
I recently did a private Skype session with Clardy and the energy upgrade I received has lifted my foundational frequency to a whole new level. I can honestly say that my life has been completely transformed by the work I've done with her. – Holly Keefer, Your Extraordinary Life, Vacaville, CA
I have no doubt whatsoever that God has blessed Clardy with the gift of healing
--physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
 --Lynn Kiline,

My group healing call with Clardy was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I have studied Energy Healing, Reiki, Quantum Touch,Abraham-Hicks, etc. for about 25 years but this was truly beyond anything I had experienced before.  As soon as she started talking to me I could feel waves and waves of energy coursing through my entire body. I felt relaxed and exhilarated all at the same time. Though it's difficult to put into words, it was one of the most wonderful feelings I have ever had. Even before she stated that there might be an energy block in my lower abdomen, I could feel her working there. It felt like things started to shift and move around in that area. Truly amazing. I could go on and on about it but the only way for you to truly know what it is like, is to experience it yourself! I am telling all my friends to sign up for the next call!!!! Thank you Clardy!! -- Dennine Neal, Orlando, FL


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About Clardy

Clardy Malugen, MFA, MA, is recognized internationally as one of today's most gifted master healers and spiritual teachers. An expert in transdimensional energy frequencies, Clardy works with leaders in the fields of business, entertainment, politics, professional sports, publishing, medicine, and self-empowerment to raise levels of consciousness in their own lives and in the lives of the organizations and tribes that they influence. Her powerful set of tools, including her unique system for identifying and eliminating unconscious behavior patterns, helps facilitate immediate, permanent transformation and expansion. Her speeches, workshops, online courses, audio meditations, group healing events, and private sessions are credited with transforming the lives of thousands of individuals worldwide.